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iOS 9.3 Beta Update – Soon Out

iOS 9.3 Beta Update – Soon Out

The new iOS 9.3 Beta is in the hand of developers and in the next couple of weeks will reach the phones of mortal beings.

From the look of it, iOS 9.3 update will be the biggest iOS 9 update yet, bringing a whole bunch of new stuff to the platform.


Improved Notes

From the iOS 9.3 and onward’s you will be able to put individual notes under lock and key. A second layer of security not only allows you to put important notes under two locks, but also makes sharing your unlocked phone with people much safer as you no longer need  to fear them discovering your fury Fanfiction stories.


Nighttime Benefits

This ones for all of you who stay up too late starring at your phones and tablets , looking completely terrifying in the middle of the night. Once night comes, the phone/tablet will switch to more soothing warmer colours to reduce the blue lights impact on your sleep.


Smarter News App

New iOS 9.3 algorithms will be able to better predict news targeted to your interests and hobbies. So be weary of that search history, lest you want news on the latest ongoing in the furry community. In truth I don’t know if it will look at your search history to provide news, so your habits might stay secret after all.
All of this is just the proverbial tip of the update. Only two weeks and everyone will just to experience the typical buggy mess that operating system updates tend to be, but thats ok the rest of us can then get the proper version once the biggest fans test it first.


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