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Technology Now – G.Skill RAM, EpicGears’s Mouse, EVGA’s GPU’s, NZXT Case and More

Technology Now – G.Skill RAM, EpicGears’s Mouse, EVGA’s GPU’s, NZXT Case and More

Every day of the week is filled with gratuitous updates to PC technology. A new SSD’s here, a new Motherboard there, it can get overwhelming. That’s why every Sunday Technology Now will bring a crunched down version of all the new stuff from last week in a quick readable format. I know, it’s technically Technology Last Week, but it just doesn’t sound as good.


This Sunday in Technology Now, G.Skill RAM’s Faster!


Back in January 11, G.Skill gave us the fastest 128GB DDR4 memory kit, it ran at 3000 MHz with some nice timings. Corsair did it’s best to take away the crown, but fell a little short.

Since no one beat G.Skill yet, they decided to do it themselves and introduced the “Ripjaws V” 128 GB kit that is a speedy (in it’s class) 3200MHz running at 1.35V with CL 14-14-14-34 timings. Once it comes out, you can get this X99 platform kit for a mere $1,069.99.


EpicGear‘s New Mouse


The new “Morpha” gaming mouse comes with adjustable weight slot that can contain 5g weights each. Without any weights the mouse is 110g and measures at 136.5 x 66.5 x 40 mm.

It’s customizable RGB lighting can be tuned to any colour of rainbow with the provided software. It also includes the Away-From-Mouse(AFM) mode that starts cycling through all the available colours once the mouse has been inactive for at least 20 seconds.

Sporting a comfortable 6400 DPI sensor EpicGear added a lockable DPI switch. It’s there so that you wouldn’t accidentally change your DPI, during those heated moments of panicked mouse mashing, making everything worse. You can buy it once it comes out for your regional equivalent soul to money ratio.


EVGA‘s 6 new GPU’s


Don’t get too exited these are the six variations of GeForce GT 710. This isn’t your gaming card, it’s a “I need something to power a large screen or two card”.

These monitor running bad boys all come in the same type of specs, featuring 192 CUDA cores with a base clock of 954MHz running over a PCI-E 2.0 with a bandwidth of 14.4 GB/s. the only difference is the 1GB or 2GB DDR3 memory and passive or active cooling.

To be honest these are still faster than the Integrated Intel HD Graphics modules, so you can actually get some gaming time from them.


NZXT Introduces The Manta


Manta is NZXT’s first mini-ITX chasis featuring sporting enough space for multiple water-cooling radiators and cable management.

Measuring at 245 x 426 x 450 mm, this all-steel chassis it’s a pretty little case that fits 2 x 140 mm/120 mm for front cooling, 1 x 120 mm rear cooling fan and 2 x 140 mm/120 mm top cooling fans. NZXT also claims this to be the first mini-ITX case to be capable of 3 water-cooling radiators.

You can get these in a windowed and non-windowed versions in Matte White/Black, Matte Black/Red and Matte Black at a price of $139.99. While available for pre-order these will only ship on February 9th.


Das Keyboard‘s new keyboard


Known for high quality keyboards and simple designs Das Keyboard decided to take a different path with it’s new X40 keyboard.

The X40 comes with the companies own “Alpha-Zulu” switches, only this time it’s a new type, a soft tactile switches or “Mustard” ones as Das Keyboard calls them.

These are notably quieter. Listed as having 1.7 mm pre-travel and require just 45g of force to reach actuation they are rated for the standard 60 million strokes.


SilverStone‘s PCI-E SATA Controller


A new card from SilverStone uses ASMedia 1062R controller that connects to a PCI-E 2.0 slot and supports two SATA-III ports.

You should bare in mind that the PCI-E 2.0 is only capable of 4Gbps  of bandwidth, which is two thirds of SATA-III capabilities. This can cause bottlenecking when using two high speed hard drives at the same time, but should be fine using conventional HDD drives one by one.


That’s it for Technology Now, I’ll be back here next Sunday for more hardware news.

Technology Now – G.Skill RAM, EpicGears’s Mouse and more


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