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Technology Now – Sabertooth, Logitech & Roccat Keyboard and more

Technology Now – Sabertooth, Logitech & Roccat Keyboard and more

Technology Now is back with a concentrated, compressed and compact version of the last weeks technology and peripheral news.

Technically this was supposed to come on Sunday, but you know, Life, it’s full of surprises. Moving on.



Roccat Ryos MK FX Available for most Mortals

Ryos MK FX was initially shown at CES 2015, but it’s only now available for order. This is by the way, the first Full RGB lit mechanical keyboard from Roccat where you can assign a different colours for all the keys, but pretty colours is not all it has.

With a total of 94 programmable keys, 5 standard macro keys and extra three for your thumb it rocks Roccats easy-shift mechanic, allowing you to set secondary modes for most of the keys.

With a duo of 32-but Cortex processors Roccats first rainbow keyboard will set you back at least $169.99



Razer Diamondback: Gaming for the ambidextrous

Razer is sending out a refresh design of the Diamondback. With a lean and flat design the Diamondback stares at your table using the Philips Twin Eye 5G laser sensor, managing 50g acceleration with 16,000 DPI.

Featuring Razer’s Chroma lighting it will blast all the colours of the rainbow on your table, all the time weighing a paltry 89g.

Razer never shied away from premium pricing and this is no different, costing $90 it’s quite a bit pricier than other mice.



Eurocom’s Sky X9, when you need a PC in your Laptop

Eurocom’s flagship laptop already runs processors up to i7-6700K with 64GB of DDR4-2400Mhz RAM and some extra 5TB of SSD storage.

This thing that is still somehow considered a laptop now comes in two types of GPU flavors. X9 sports the gaming-oriented GTX980M whilst the X9W is for work-oriented and comes with either with a 4 GB Quadro M3000M or 8 GB Quadro M5000M.

It also has a bunch of holes in it for  DisplayPort 1.2 ports, HDMI 2.0 port and two Killer E2400 Ethernet ports among other things.

Cheapest variant starts at $2,930, I hear sacrificing a goat to the devil might get you one of the pricier models.



Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, It’s a keyboard

Offering the typical Full RGB lighting and mechanical switches as other premium keyboards, this one stands out more with its class and not the crazy gamer design that most employ.

Keys are silent and muted with a soft feel coat on top, the only notes noise was coming from springs holding up the keys.

Being mature and classy doesn’t come cheap and costs $159 and €189 in U.S. and Europe respectively.



Thrustmaster’s Y-300CPX Headset coming mid February

A living example that I am far from adulthood is my face when I say Thrustmaster is coming. My juvenile behavior aside, Thrustmaster is most known for its’s gaming peripherals such as wheels, but the company has a line of headsets as well.

Holding 50mm drivers and using what Thrustmaster is calling “Double Electro-Acoustic Bass” is said to deliver powerful bass during gameplay, so if masterbase is something you like, Thrustmaster has you covered.

Using the standard 3.5mm jack with an additional USB connector makes this a pretty versatile headset for both PC and Console users.

….hah, Thrustmaster…



Asus Sabertooth Z170 S, not just the good looks

But seriously. Look at it! So pretty.

Nice design aside, it’s a great motherboard that can runs Intel LGA 1151 6th Gen procecors, with up to 64 GB Dual-Channel DDR4-2400/2133Mhz memory, Quad GPU support for both Team Green and Team Red, a slew of USB connectors and SATA ports, with an additional M.2 socket.

At $219 it’s not the best performing board, but it will definitely be favorite amongst system builders going for the visual effect.


Technology Now is done for the day, I’m off now to make jokes about Masterthrusting of Thurstmaster.


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