Home Tech News Technology Now – New HMD, More AMD, Huawei’s iSurface and Storage

Technology Now – New HMD, More AMD, Huawei’s iSurface and Storage

Technology Now – New HMD, More AMD, Huawei’s iSurface and Storage

New HMD, New AMD, It’s been a whole week and more tech came out than could ever be stuffed in a tiny article, that’s why I grab only the things that i liked. Which by the way are:



Vrvana Totem: VRAR

With a name that’s just about as easy to pronounce as the insult to abbreviation “VRAR” I wrote above, this new HMD promises Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality in one package.

Originally appearing on Kickstarter and then closing down their own campaign Vrvana disappeared for about couple of years, only to come back in 2016’s Unity Vision Summit with a new prototype.

Vrvana’s Totem HMD is not primarily for gaming. The company will originally look for supplying headsets for work or educational purposes directly to firms and companies instead of going directly to consumers, but the later is not ruled out completely.



Huawei Matebook

Huawei enters the field of 2-in-1 PC market. While in the design area it’s more reminiscent of the new iPad PRO, power wise it’s closer to Microsoft’s Surface.

Coming slightly lighter than it’s two competitors it has an ever so slightly smaller resolution and pixel density. The differences in both of these fields are so small that you probably would notice either of them.

Rocking up-to 8gb in RAM and up to an m7 processor, it may not be the most powerful device, but it compensates with price.



Intel VR HMD

Man, when it rains it pours, huh. Falling somewhere between Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard it’s mean to be used with Intel’s Project Tango smartphone.

With the Intels Real sense camera inside the Tango smartphone, this HMD is used to further show of the cameras capabilities of depth sensing technology and was recently show to be able to re-create your hands similarly to Leap Motion. If rumors are correct, Intel is consider handing out some of these for free with the Tango Smartphones.





Seagate 8TB Enterprise Capacity in 3.5mm

Using the typical air-based design and running at 7,200 RPM. The only other company doing enterprise class 8TB storage is HGST using less power and producing better write performance.

While on performance only Seagate wont be able to beat the HGST, but the biggest problem with helium based HDD’s like HGST employs is the cost and that’s where Seagate has a leg to stand on.



AMD’s New Embedded SKU’s

AMD is releasing a new series of embedded solutions to replace some it’s outdated ones. The new LX SoC’s will replace the old eKabini and Steppe Eagle and introduces J-Family and I-Family of SoC’s.

AMD claims that the new I-Family and J-Family are the first products on the market to be capable of 10-bit H.265 decode.

Man today’s article was chock full of abbreviations. In the same stile then, see you next week.


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