Home Tech News Technology Now – Cheap SSD’s, Thin Coolers, Hepta GPU solutions and Digital Hands

Technology Now – Cheap SSD’s, Thin Coolers, Hepta GPU solutions and Digital Hands

Technology Now – Cheap SSD’s, Thin Coolers, Hepta GPU solutions and Digital Hands

Last weeks tech round-up is here.

Samsung brings low cost SSD’s, Nixeus shows of it’s minimalist bare-bones mechanical keyboard, Be Quiet  presents us with slip CPU Cooler, EKWB provides a watercooling option for 7 GPU PC’s for like 12 people that can afford it and Leave Motion makes your digital fingers even more realistic. So let’s get to it.


Samsungs EVO 750 cheap and fast, hopefully reliable to.

Samsung 750 EVO SSD

For a couple of months now Samsung’s been selling it’s low cost SSD in the Asian market, basically just holding out on us, well not anymore.

Shipping in two capacities of 120 and 250GB and hosting a reworked MGX controller it right up the low cost SSD alley bringing solid performance and longevity, the cost in that alley being £54.99 and £74.99 respectively.


A minimalist mechanical keyboard for the smaller buck

Nixeus Moda v2 Keyboard

For those looking to get a streamlined and cheap mechanical keyboard this might be it. Depending on the retailer the Moda V2 will cost you £49.30($70) – £61.80($87), you also get a choice from 3 different Kailh switches (Red/Blue/Brown).

Don’t expect any fancy lighting for such a price, there are the bare lighting necessities for Caps Lock and such and extra replaceable keys for Mac’s, but the build quality is not something outstanding. All in all it is a good, low cost solution for a mechanical keyboard.


As they like to say, size isin’t everything

Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler from Be Quiet!

Tal, slim and sexy, Be Quiet! is putting out a cat walk cooler, of course the most important benefits of this are the undisturbed RAM sticks. Most full size CPU coolers have this problem, where the RAM heat dissipation plates need to be removed or in some extreme cases sawed off just so everything could fit inside.

This is where the Shadow Rock Slim comes in, it certainly leaves enough space for the RAM and can keep and overclocked i7 under control, but it’s 3 year warranty is somewhat lacking comparing to it’s competitors, but for £32.07($45.16) is still an excellent space saving cooler.


EKWB Hepta GPU Cooler

Ever wanted to watercool 7 graphics cards at the same time, EKWB sure wanted.  For the people with extra expendable income or someone who own’s a render machine, or for some, just because they can. Now if you want to see something like that in action you can check it out below.


Leap Motion: Orion

From the people that gave you hands in screen, with all the fingers, spuring multiple fun and pornographic apps are now back with a better hand tracking technology. It’s faster better and more precise. But why should you read some text when you can see it in action.


That’s it for the tech stuff. Go outside and play or something, I don’t know. I’ll just sit here till next weekend.


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