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Prey Gameplay Trailer 2 Arkane Studios


Prey Gameplay Trailer 2

Prey Gameplay Trailer 2 has been dropped by Bethesda and Arkane Studios. It lets out a few story details and some new weapons.

But what I found most interesting in the trailer is how the new weapons were actually used. It seem that Prey will go beyond the standard “This gun shoots things until they are dead” model. From what I could see some of the guns will be used to traverse the environments by putting out fire or making stairs. Some weapons looked like they were used to avoid or disable traps.

I do hope that the weapon variety and it’s use does not end there and that Prey gameplay will offer us some unique possibilities when using guns. We already know that the character will posses some sort of “powers” after being stabbed in the eyes repeatedly. Something about the Typhoid DNA or whatever.

Prey Gameplay Trailer 2 eye Arkane Studios SoloXP News
Prey Gameplay Trailer 2 Eye Arkane Studios

Should you pre-order Prey?

The game looks good so far, but as many said before. STOP FUCKING PRE-ORDERING. Just don’t, it’s bad practice, you get nothing from it. If you’re a reviewer or a youtuber then yeah, I can understand, but every other mortal should just chill and wait for more information to come out. I mean, fuck. Right now you get the golden Margrave Shotgun, blueprints to create additional shotgun ammo, two medkits, three neuromods, and an upgrade called the “Recycler Shielding Chipset,” which allows you to “preserve your limited resources.”, having that just makes the game easier and it turn, probably makes it worse. Stop Fucking Pre-Ordering you silly dumb dumbs.


You can find more information on the official website here – https://prey.bethesda.net/

If you want to bother Prey Dev on social media you can so here – @PreyGame

The release date is scheduled for May 5, 2017. On PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One