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Overwatch Update Comes Crashing In

Overwatch Update Comes Crashing In

Overwatch Update came out this week and it brings a lot of small changes and a couple of big ones.

Besides your typical balancing tweaks, we get a new game mode called Weekly Brawl as well as a new escort map called Route 66. There are also improvements in progression and penalties for leaving the match early.


Overwatch Route 66 new map soloxp
Wild WIld Overwatch

Route 66

A fun and somewhat Wild West themed map, that seems to have a balanced and fun layout with some unexpected vertical play chances. It does seem to favor more ranged characters, but we’ll as time goes on.


Overwatch new gamemode weekly brawl soloxp
Imagine this is the Weekly Brawl

Weekly Brawl

A constantly changing game mode, that every week build a new game type. While sometimes producing ridiculous results it’s a fun alternative to standard Overwatch. Blizzard is treating this as an experiment so nothing is set in stone. Overwatch Update is not the only one offering weekly game modes, League of Legends seem to be doing a similar thing as well, where they rotate custom game types weekly. Let’s hope more dev’s take not on giving players some silly gamemodes for a bit of distraction.


Overwatch new progression system soloxp
You know its a carrot on a stick and you like it

New Progression System

Get a promotion every 100 levels and achievements through out. Not a revolutionary tactic, but It should help keep players attention a bit longer.


Overwatch new penalty bonus xp system soloxp
Does not include punishment from D.Va


From now on, if you leave a match it counts as a loss. If you leave repeatedly, you get a temporary XP penalty. But you can gain an XP bonus if stick through multiple matches or fill matches that are already in progress.


Overwatch is still in a closed beta and people are making games about being stuck and not getting an invite, but if you feel lucky you can always go to the main Site and try your luck.


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