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New Homefront Trailer – The Revolution ‘Guerrilla Warfare 101’


New Homefront trailer pretends like it’s talking to you and explain in details how game mechanics work.

New Homefront trailer looks visually appealing and the gun modding that they show is always nice, but honestly, I can just can’t seem to care. I haven’t played the original Homefront (i might fix that), but it’s idea interested me, this, well this just seems boring. Looks like one of the “Dick around in the open free world, completing repetitive and un-engaging tasks” type of game and I know I’m being very unfair right now, the game hasn’t even come out yet.

I hope I’m wrong and It’s just me that feels that way. We’ll know for sure on May 20th 2016, that’s when Homefront: The Revolution will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.