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Blackwood Crossing Game Reveal


Blackwood Crossing Reveal Trailer

Blackwood Crossing is a story-driven first-person adventure game developed by the former talent at Black Rock Studio that was closed down by Disney in 2011. An intriguing and emotive tale exploring the fragile relationship between orphaned siblings, Scarlett and Finn. When their paths cross with a mysterious figure, an ordinary train ride evolves into a magical story of life, love and loss.

blackwood crossing screenshot main character

Blackwood Crossing follow a narrative-focused vein of Gone Home and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture but with more emphasis on interaction, you will go beyond just picking things up and looking at them. There are puzzles to solve and, unlike many other games of this ilk, other characters inhabiting the world.

blackwood crossing screenshot sister

After a quick look the trailer you realise that the fantastical world is shapes by child’s joyful fantasy as well as his suffering.


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Release Date:

Blackwood Crossing will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC (Steam). It will be hitting the stores early 2017.

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