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5D discs – that information will outlive us

5D discs can store data for like so many years… that the data will be totally outdated when you view it. First of all, wow. There is something more than 3d?! It’s 5D! I have to admit, I am way out of my league here. 5D? Glass? Discs? Yeah. We got a writer on the […]

Tempest: Shooty In the Booty! Naval Sea Battle Game

Tempest ! Lithuanian’s have a saying that would roughly translate to “One guy in a field is not a soldier” meaning that some things might require more than one person to accomplish. Which makes Mr. Andrey Babak a superhero, for he developed Tempest all alone. What is the game about and should you get it? […]

Mad Max: The Game Review or Should I play it?

I have been a fan of the Mad Max franchise from the first time my dad and I watched the film. Mel Gibsons’ Mad Max, the leather jacket, the loud roaring engines, the sawed off shotgun, so many iconic things under one franchise, the franchise that got a great new addition in the name of […]