Home Tech News 5D discs – that information will outlive us

5D discs – that information will outlive us

5D discs – that information will outlive us

5D discs can store data for like so many years… that the data will be totally outdated when you view it.

First of all, wow. There is something more than 3d?! It’s 5D!

I have to admit, I am way out of my league here. 5D? Glass? Discs? Yeah. We got a writer on the team that understands tech. But noooooooo, I decide to write this! 5d? Ha.

But it is time to sit down and read, for I have done RESEARCH and will tell you why the new technology of information storing is important, why it is relevant and how it works – and I shall do all that using words a regular human being (or slightly below average, like mr. Me) can understand. You know. Like a cheat sheet for…regular people.

So OK. Let’s do this.¬†Why is this particular technology so significant? Well, it’s actually for a number of reasons.

Information will be safe for billions of years on one of those 5d nano glass coins.
Information will be safe for billions of years on one of those.



First of all, the technology behind it is not completely new(in 2013 people demonstrated encoding ~300kb text files using this technology) , but the lengths it traveled in just a few years is unbelievable. Basically, the information is encoded inside a nano-constructed piece of glass using ultra fast laser pulses, which creates structures from bubbles inside the glass. Those things are tiny. Like Very Very small. Your-ex-girlfriends-new-boyfriend-penis small I mean. Around 1:5000000m. Yup. Driving-a-massive-jeep small. If the method was demonstrated in 2013, why should we get psyched this time? Well, this time they can encode ~360 Terabytes of information. In one of the discs. The size of a coin.

You can hide it anywhere. The possibilities are infinite.



Durability in a real issue in this consumerist society. Most of the products are made to last a certain amount of time and then break, pushing the poor user back to the store, but not these crazy-super-awesome discs. Aside from being able to store unimaginable amounts of data, they will also have a fairly long lifespawn. I think it is safe to say “fairly” for a disc is estimated to keep your data (entire 360TB) safe for around 13.8 billion years. Which means that if you saved a movie you really really love, like Avengers or Forest Gump on one of those discs during the birth of our UNIVERSE, you could still watch it now. Well. According to one of the people from the developers team, an equivalent of a DVD player that will be capable of reading the discs should be released in the next few decades. In the grand scheme of things it’s right around the corner, right?



Wait, what? Bubbles?

Yes. Bubbles. Light travels trough the glass and the structures made by the laser (nanostructures. Or bubble-castles. sounds better.) and then can be read with a combo of an optical microscope and a polariser. And it’s 5D because the information is encoded using 5 dimentions, because the nanostructures influence the light based on size and orientation of the “bubbles” and the three dimentional possition of the nano-structures.



Did we use it for anything so far?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Newton’s Opticks, Magna Carta and Kings James Bible. These things have been recorded onto the discs so far. And although time is yet to come for Bohemian Rapsody, humanity is on the right path here.

360tb of data. 5d baby.
5d nano glass crystal. so tiny




What does this mean for us?

For the human race it means future generations and possibly even other species will be able at some point to laugh at what we called wisdom when they read what’s inside the discs. For me and you it means it is going to be way easier to lose way more data in just seconds.


Science is amazing. Love it, nourish it, let it flourish. Because when critical thinking thrives, so will we all.

If you want you can also read a more scientific opinion on this as well.





*I chose to name the paragraphs dy the Ds but do not get confused, my friend, those are just the paragraph titles! It does not mean that the thing in the specific paragraph refers to a dimension.



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